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   The prefecture of Pieria belongs to Macedonia and itís the smallest one in size. It borders with the prefecture of Larisa, Kozani and Imathia. In the east size the Thermaikos bay washes it. Its size is 1559 square Km (1,2% of the whole site of Greece) and its population according to the 1991 census, is 107000 residents (1,1% of the whole population of Greece). The capital is Katerini, which has a population of 40000 people, and its biggest centers are Litohoro, Eginio, and Kolindros.
   In general the prefecture of Pieria is a flat country. Its biggest mountains are Olympus and Pieria, which cover the 34% of its total size. Aliakmonas River flows in the north part of the prefecture. Smaller rivers are Mavroneri, Enipeas and some others.
   The costs of Pieria are famous for their cleanness (many blue flags) and their beauty.
   The main occupation of the residents is farming, with which almost the 75% of the people are occupied. The main agrarian products are tabacco, fruits (peaches, kiwi fruit, apples etc), cereal and oil. A part from this population is occupied with stockbreeding, commerce, transport etc. Tourism has an important place too and many residents are occupied with it, mainly in the coast areas.
   There are many interesting places one can visit in Pieria. Natural beauties, archaeological sites, museums, fascinating beaches are all found in our prefecture. Its worth visiting the Paralia of Katerini, the charming Litohoro, the beautiful castle of Platamonas (in the highway), Platamonas, Leptokaria, Old Panteleimonas, ancient Livithra near Leptokaria, Alikes of Kitros with its very important hydro biotic place, ancient Pidna in Kitros, the pre-historic settlement in Makrigialos, platanodasos in Neokesaria (an exceptional place for school excursions) and others. The drive from Katerini to Agios Dimitrios-Livadi of Olympus is exceptional as well.
More information about our prefecture can be given through the telephone number 0351-76916, Tourism Office.