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    The history of our school began a long time ago. The first primary school Functioned in Fteri. This school was housed in a classroom, next to the narthex of saint Paraskevi church. Because of the difficult environmental conditions it was only functioning in the summer (for about two months) and there was a teacher who was coming from Katerini.
    The first school of Karitsa functioned for many years in the place where the kindergarden is functioning today. In 1958 the works for the construction of todayís primary school started. The works ended in 1961. Itís double Ė decker and it has 6 big classrooms, 1 office and a very big yard
. Two of the classrooms communicate. In these two classrooms there is a stage where the schoolís activities are held.  
    In 1997 the extension of the school was approved and so, from this year, the school has functioned with 6 more classrooms. Also a new separate classroom for the activities was built and it has a permanent stage. Also the school yard has already been auctioned and the works for itís development have already begun.
Today the school functions as an 7-post school and 12 educators work in it, 9 teachers and 2 specially professors (P E teacher, English teacher).