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   Every year our school participates in various programmes of the environmental education or others with the main purpose the sensitization not only of the pupils but also of the local society in matters relating to the environment, history, tradition, nutrition etc
During the previous years the following programmes were developed:

  • During the school year 1996-97, within the context of the environmental education the programme "The Folk Song in Karitsa" was developed.

  • During the school year 1997-98, within the context of the environmental education and under the general theme "Nutrition", three revelant programmes were developed.

  1. Production of food

  2. Consumption of food and the environment

  3. Traditional nutrition

  • During the same year our school also participated in a programme of the Ministry of Education with the assignment "The Education of the Consumer"

  • This year, with the basic theme "local History and Tradition", three relevant programmes are being developed.

  1. The traditional houses of Karitsa

  2. The churches of Karitsa

  3. Manners and customs of the wedding in Karitsa

   At the same time, the pupils with the help of their teachers edit a magazine "FTEROUGISMATA"  (flappings) with various themes having to do with history, mythology, the environment, health, poetry, and also with the activities of their school.


   Our magazine has won the 1st Pan-Hellenic prize in a competition organized by the newspaper "The News" in 1998. Of course, during each school year, various shows, celebrations, theatrical performances.

Lectures, excursions etc are organised by our school.